MOWO - Mobile Workflow Management

MOWO is a mobile tool designed especially for workforce on the move. With MOWO it is easy and efficient to plan daily shifts and tasks. Schedules and task-specific instrctions are swiftly transferred to workers' mobile devices allowing them to concentrate on the task at hand. MOWO allows you to track task-specific working time, improve efficiency and make more revenue.

MOWO allows you to collect valuable information on the field. Versatile map features help plan and execute tasks. Checklists ensure that smallest details are not forgotten. In the future MOWO can hadle the whole process from order to customer feedback.

Who is MOWO suitable for?

MOWO is designed to tackle challenges especially in mobile work, but it can fit also different factory environments.

  • Real estate management
  • Management of green areas
  • Field inspections and after-sales services
  • Domiciliary care visits
  • Machine contracting services
  • Security services
  • Office and factory environments

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Who is MOWO for?


Real estate and green area management

Information regarding necessary maintenance and care operations with contact information, maps and instructions directly to workers' mobile devices.


On-site maintenance and installation

Transfer worksites, instructions, documents and other information to workers' mobile devices, easily and quickly.


Healthcare home visits

Use MOWO to transfer patient information, visit schedules, documents and reporting tools to workers on the field.



Cleaning services

MOWO app will help cleaning personnel to stay on track of daily worksites, store worksite-specific information and guide to cleaning site also in unknown environments.


Inspection services

Inspection sites and their details in MOWO mobile app. Electronic checklists and reporting make inspection work a joy!


Machine contracting services

Reserve necessary machines and workers for the job at hand. Transfer all necessary information to field easily and efficiently. Reporting features give more power to streamlining operations!

Easy to use and manage

Saves time

Increases customer satisfaction

Increase revenue

Get rid of paper hassle

Easy communication with field operations

Quicker billing cycle

Mobile app always in pocket

Can be integrated to existing systems

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